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{Sponsored Post} Mobile phones, tablets, digital cameras and other mobile devices all have the potential to improve the lives of your children. Pia Argiratos of Powered Life, offers some tips to how your family can make the most of your mobile toys and tools. 

When children are using audio on your mobile gear, make sure they can hear it. Good quality, adjustable, safety designed headsets are available for children, helping them stay focused and interested.

Camera and audio recording tools on mobile devices can encourage children to pay attention to the world around them and even record their own growth which can be turned into an educational experience for the child. Try taking a photo of your child each morning or month over a set period of time to help them see how they change. Have them take their own photos or do a “A Day in My Life” Project. Print or download photos and help them add their own words and capture memories.

Excitement sometimes exceeds sense. Invest in a protective tough case to keep your device and data intact, saving in repairs. Tough cases can be drop proof, shock proof, even water proof – kid proof! Also, teach kids to take care while plugging in or removing a cable, keeping the tip straight and not wiggling too much, so they don’t bend the pins inside the port.

Read on your tablet, using a stylus to highlight and notate PDF documents just like a pen on paper. This also means you can read another chapter while the kids are in their swimming lesson then on the way home the same device can calm the overtired rascals!

Considering what else kids do with their hands, regular cleaning is essential for reducing scratches, stopping muck from entering power and data ports as well as the transmission of bacteria from user to user. Slightly dampen a microfibre cloth with demineralised water or diluted cleaning vinegar, and wipe your unit clean including in the corners, being careful to avoid fibres or moisture getting inside. Dry completely before use.

Mobile devices are only useful while they work, so pack a portable power pack, or solar charger to recharge anywhere. From a pocket sized unit that easily slips into a school bag or hand bag, to a larger unit for laptops, there is a portable power pack to keep your device powered up and useful!

Pia Argiratos is from Powered Life, helping you maximise the benefits of mobile technology by powering and protecting devices wherever you are. This Australian company offers the best brands in rugged, tough cases for mobile phones, iPads and more plus portable power packs so that you won’t say “Oh no, my battery is dead!” ever again.

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